Dual Purpose – Open Plan | Broken Plan

Interior spaces are often assigned names and roles, long before the foundations are laid and it is commonplace for rooms once earmarked as lounge, kitchen or hallway to now be dual purpose as office space.

Whether it’s a new home, extension or renovation, it all starts with a vision. Our vision is to provide bespoke style interior screens that fit any brief, supplied in a simpler more economical modular way. Any height, any width, with or without doors. We provide an affordable solution that exceeds expectations.

Our screen installations can be incredibly versatile in terms of their utility. You can build entire rooms within an open space or zones for particular use.

They can define entrances or adjoining rooms by unlocking the potential of natural lighting, while showcasing continuity of complementary design. We guide your line of sight, taking you on an open tour of a building, giving an immediate sense of confidence in its purpose.

They’re used to enhance work spaces, allowing both connection and dedicated places for meetings, independent work and visiting areas. In a world that needs to stay connected, yet distanced, this is a solution that can support the need for both.

Aesthetically, simply breaking up an open plan area with material intrigue can produce a creative and attractive environment. It shows that you’ve considered the space you inhabit. That you’ve thought about lines, texture and light. Our screens are not just a solution to fulfil general usage. Modular Screens are the result of creative design, quality craftsmanship and appreciation for diversity of modern living.