Using our flexible modular system, we can supply almost any configuration
to suit your space.  Your project can quickly and easily be designed using
our intuitive app, giving you both a scale accurate sketch but also a genuine
quotation in real time.  Any design can be saved to ‘My Screens’ and we’ve
even added a convenient way for you to email the details to yourself.

Standard and VARI-able heights

1980 and 2580 heights

Our standard panels come in two heights  – 1980mm or 2580mm.  As they are our stock heights they are more cost effective for us to make and as they are standard, we are able to hold more stock of the relevant parts. This usually means that these orders are the quickest to turnaround.

These are popular when the site is flexible on finished sizes. Niches or Knibbs can also be created to fit the panels into.


Our premium VARI option allows you to tailor the height of your system to fit any openings from 1985mm to 3005mm.

( The increments go up in bands of 5mm )

Our app allows you to toggle easily between the VARI and Standard height options so its easy to compare the price differences.

Materials and Finishing

All of our screens, doors and partitions are made of Blackened Steel,
or more specifically Hot Rolled Steel with a Satin Lacquered finish.
Just as a roof slate darkens when wet, so to does our steel, only we
do it with a lacquer so it stays that way.

We handpick materials that have the right qualities for our system
because we preserve the natural patina created in the Rolling Mills.
Our Lacquers are specifically designed for use directly onto the steel
and this is applied in our state of the art spray booth ovens.

Door Handles

We love the look of the oval brass handles so much that we don’t offer other handles.
However, if you want something else we’ve got two ways of going about it.
Either select no handles in the app and have them fitted by a locksmith on site or if you
are able to send us the handles you desire we will fit them for you for a small fee*.

*Pls note the handles need to be with us 5 working days before your
despatch date & they must be compatible with our door system.

Glass Supply Options

With so many glass variants available, we’re keeping our options simple.
We only offer the following supply options, which are usually sent out separately.
The last option is offered as some customers may choose something completely different.

  • 4MM Plain Toughened Glass
  • 4mm Reeded & Toughened Glass
  • Customer Supplied ( No glass supplied )