How To Buy

Ok, to get started you just need a width and height measurement in mm. If the aperture isn’t built yet, at this stage it’s fine to estimate.

The dimensions don’t have to be perfect yet, but the more precise the sizes, the more accurate our web generated quote will be.

Don’t Worry – There’s no commitment to anything until an order has been placed and signed docs have been returned to us.

This is the good bit. Find a PC or Mac & Open up the Design App. It’s a simple to use drag and drop system that we’ve put lots of care into, so we hope you find it intuitive and easy.  If you do have any problems or question at all pls don’t hesitate to call – We want to help you and we want to know our App is working the way it should.
Now Go Design !

When your happy with your design just click ‘ORDER/ENQUIRE’.

On the next page enter your delivery details for shipping and click ‘PROCEED’.

At the bottom of this page there are two options. You can either ‘Order Now’ which will take you through the Paypal Hosted checkout OR you can check ‘Enquire Only’.  This is the best way for you to submit your designs to us so we can talk your potential order through with you.

However an order is placed, we have a responsibility to do all that we can to ensure that the goods fit & exceed your expectations.
Like any similar company, to do this we run through a series of checks and signoffs before your order is put into production.
Any money that may have been paid in advance is fully refundable without quibble as there is no commitment until the final documents have been signed off.

We like our clients to see a small sample before we go into production so our free Modular sample is sent out on receipt of an order.
We also have a larger sample available, which is a 300mm Tall miniature panel, its charged for separately but is fully refundable on its safe return.

In almost all cases we deliver using our own delivery vehicles. All large parts are individually packaged and then wrapped again onto a special delivery pallet. Delivery will be made at a prearranged time convenient to you but is restricted to Monday – Friday.  Pls note that our driver is usually unaccompanied therefore delivery is kerbside only. The unloading from our transport is done using a pallet truck so we will need to park and unload on a road or driveway and you will need to have someone available to take possession  & sign for the goods. You will need to move the products from the delivery position into your property. Having builders onsite to do this is highly recommended as the goods are heavy. Ideally there would be accessible garage space available at the delivery address & then the goods can be wheeled straight into somewhere safe.

The system fits together in a modular format, so fitting is a straightforward as it can be. That’s not to say it is always easy. We like to leave the fitting to builders where possible, but if you would like us to fit it can usually be arranged depending on location.