Frequently asked questions

Product FAQ’S

Absolutely, in fact, stand alone doors are our most frequently ordered product.
The doors or screens can be installed into an existing timber doorway liner ( a normal door opening) or into a plastered niche / wall / aperture.
Timber or masonry is required in the wall to fix to as would be required with any door or door frame installation.

No sorry.  Our system is designed for internal use only.  The screen and doors are a striking addition to any interior space, but are not designed to keep the weather at bay.

Some changes to the layout are possible, pls click Here to discuss your requirements.

The layout as found on the design app are the most cost effective.

The 1980mm starting height is derived from the old imperial standard height of 6’6″.  The 2580 model shares the same
individual light opening heights as the 1980 but is ‘one light’ taller
(3 lights rather than 2) and therefore happens to measure in at 2580mm.

Typically the structural opening height for these should be 1990mm and 2590mm respectively.

We intend to Launch a fire rated version in the near future. This is something we are looking into.
but at this point in time the answer is no.  However…

We do offer a version with improved resistance to fire by using 30min fire glass.
This version is glazed with intumescent fire tape and is also fitted with smoke seals to the sides and head of the door opening.
Prior to order you MUST check with your building control officer to enquire if this is acceptable, as some will accept this but others will not.
As a very rough guide, costing is approximately double that of our standard configuration, as the fire glass is so costly.

The standard height at which the glass starts is 780mm from the floor.

The typical thickness of the screens and doors is 40mm.

Ordering FAQ’S

Yes of course, we offer site survey service as an extra if required, costs are based on location.

We use 4mm glass.  The usual gap in the frames is 8mm. We use 3mm glazing tape which compresses to 2mm per side.

So the equation once the foam is compressed is 2mm+4mm+2mm.

Glazing tape (pre fitted) is included when we supply the glass. When a client supplies their own glass we supply the glazing tape uninstalled so it can be used if required.

No. Sorry Lacquered is our standard finish.

Credit or debit cards or payments via. BACS are accepted.

Delivery FAQ’S

Anywhere in the mainland UK. Pls contact us for orders outside that area.

Absolutely. Just let us know and we can have your order ready for a specified date.