Light | Colour | Texture | Space

We produce blackened steel, glazed partitions for interior design projects that nurture the essence of light, colour, texture and space.

Our concept is simple: we have a beautiful hand-crafted product and we want our customers to invite it into their homes and creative workspaces. We want to help our customers create something unique and enhance the senses of everyday living.


Natural Light - Green and Cream - Interior Design


Daylighting (a term used in the interior design world) covers all bases when it comes to aesthetic and principle in creative and mindful solutions. Essentially, by harnessing and extending the reach of natural light in interior spaces, you create effortless ambiance by enhancing colour, surface finishes and practicality. It also complements sustainability, reducing the need for artificial lighting in the daytime.

Our screens have the ultimate balance between steel and glazing to ensure uninterrupted natural light carries throughout our customers living or workspaces.


Paint Colours - Interior DesignColour

Depending on the colours of a design project, walls and surfaces can naturally reflect or absorb light to effectively manipulate interior spaces. Natural light gives you the most honest representation of colour and thanks to seasons, the tone in colour choices subtly change throughout the year, bringing more of the outside – in.

Shadow and light can be as mysterious as smoke and mirrors…

The blackened steel of our screens are not black in appearance. Their depth of colour, unique to each screen as we maintain their natural patina, is immersive and rich in blue-black colour with an enticing iridescent quality.


Modular Screens - Mild Steel and LacquerTexture

Surfaces and finishes are a challenging consideration for a design concept as a whole. Industrial design in particular can be alarmingly raw against lighter colour schemes or in daylight which can unintentionally dominate a room. The key is to be tactile visually and to touch.

Our luxury satin lacquering process preserves not just the colour and appearance of our screens but also a contrast of textures from the silk smooth lower panels to the natural mottling within the framing. Overall, giving that feeling of robustness yet light and refined with a beautiful finish. We like to think that we’ve perfected the art of taming industrial design, to complement our customers projects.


modular screens - british standard cupboardsSpace

Modern designs of clean crisp edges and open plan spaces are nothing new. Interior partitions and screens are used to navigate open space interiors. They add meaning and define the function of a home or workspace. Glazed screens ensure that that sense of openness is not lost and helps to protect and frame a design without losing sight of the concept. Even in smaller spaces, or the spaces in between, interiors need to flow and connect with one another.


We offer simple solutions for internal partitions and doors, with both our standard height options and a variable height (VARI) system that allows customers to create something bespoke in size.

If you would like to find out more about our screens, click here to see our product range or here for our design app.